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Rhino 660 Hot Rod Extreme Clutch Kit w/ Spring, Grease & OEM 700 Belt


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in
Tire Size

25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

Rhino 660 Hot Rod Extreme Clutch Kit – The best overall clutch kit available on the market.

This sheave is milled for even more bottom & top end, it`s the perfect combination of both performance & quality. Great for trail, mud and sand riding as well as rock crawling, plowing and hauling.

  • This kit changes the gear ratio on the bottom & the top of your bike. A huge gain on low end power and torque, a stronger midrange & more on top end too.
  • The extra top end is nice when you want to run low range so it doesn`t max out so quickly from mud hole to mud hole, trail riding, or working in the yard or farm.
  • Helps restore power loss due to adding bigger/heavier tires & helps to get them turning in the mud. Better back shifting & throttle response.

The lower gearing on bottom end will extend the life of your wet clutch & the higher gearing on top will extend the life of your motor. Reduces clutch heat & engine noise.

The 660 Hot Rod Extreme Clutch Kit includes:

  • A new milled Yamaha sheave
  • Dr. Pulley OD weights
  • OEM camplate
  • OEM camplate sliders
  • Secondary spring
  • Anti-friction washer set
  • OEM 700 belt
  • Polyurea grease

*** If you are having any questions or are having any problems with the purchase of this Rhino 660 Hot Rod Extreme Clutch Kit, please call 304-877-3419, Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm est. ***

*** Ultramatic grease has been discontinued by Yamaha & is no longer included. ***