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“Not only is James` sheave the best bang for buck and best on the market but you won`t find any better customer service.I can only imagine his call volume. lol I`ll most definitely have his 787 in my Rhino in the future.It`s hard to find anyone that will put any R&D forth to develop a good product these days.We live in a world of throw away garbage but I believe James loves his job as I do and will stop at nothing to put a good product out there.Keep up the awesome job JBS!”
Jason Baxter
Baxter Built Fabrications
Hello I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advise. When my parts arrived it was like Christmas morning, I installed parts on Saturday took it for a ride and the difference unbelievable. I`m a big guy 300# and my buddy that rides shotgun sometimes isn`t much smaller before I was going back and forth from low and high in different terrain but now I can just leave in high and hammer down. Thanks again guys you just got a new loyal customer. Have a great day!
Scott Przybylski
JBS performance has once again amazed me. Most known for their famous designed Rhino sheave kit, They have expanded their line of products to better serve all of the SXS community. With their “Trail Tested” designs they have definitely raised the standard for off road performance and comfort.Not just “good ideas” but true modifications that have been tested until satisfying the need,then offering You that product at a reasonable price ! Thanks a bunch JBS !
The Logger
Purchased my Rhino back in November of 2013 and when I asked the guys on the forums what was the best thing I could do to my Rhino, all 20 posts said “JBS Sheave!!” So I contacted James, gave him the run down on my Rhino. He hooked me up on a great price and now I can`t believe I`m driving the same machine!! This thing is unbelievable!! Now I understand what all of the fuss is about!! Thank you Nikki and James for your great service and products, you`ve made me an addict for life!! Count on my future business.
Going Broke Speed
When you play in the Rocky Mountains, there is nothing more refreshing than the performance that comes with installing the JBS Hot Rod Sheave. What an improvement over the factory performance. If there is one single thing you can do to enhance a Yamaha Rhino or ATV, dollar for dollar, it would be the JBS Hot Rod Sheave. JBS and crew can walk you through about any technical issue you have with installation or trouble shooting problems with your machine. Damn good folks and a personal customer service that has long been lost with most other retailers. If you need OEM or performance parts call JBS for the best prices and good ole service with parts shipped fast. From the Cowboy State; Let`em Buck!
I left my rhino stock for a long time. My rhino is primarily a work horse so I resisted the urge to do anything but maintenance to it. When I finally caved I started off with another aftermarket sheave, (hadn`t heard about JBS yet) it was an improvement over stock for sure. Then I did cam, exhaust, msd ect…..( I like to mod stuff…bad habit) That made a big difference too. Then I bought a JBS sheave for my rhino to try out. I did notice quite a bit of difference. engine braking increase was my favorite, low end was great too. I hit 58 on flat gravel 64 on slight downhill. its awesome for the rare times I want to haul the mail. Overall I think JBS sheave is top notch. Not to mention the over the top customer service that you just don`t find anymore.
Washington State
I bought my rhino brand new in 07 and right away installed 28x11x12 tires the power loss was noticeable but grew to be ok with it until i heard of this thing called a jbs sheave and the magical powers it contained. so i called the man up and before i knew it i was doing hillclimbs reserved for the big boys. the sheave and weights i received from jbs restored my power and gave me a boost. i could not be happier with the sheave and the customer service i was given. i plan on a full motor build in the future and i will make the 8 hour drive to have it done by JBS!
Mike S.
I bought my JBS sheave in December of 2012 after much research. I wanted to be able to keep up with quads in our group and have the power to turn the tires in high gear in the snow. We ride mainly trails in the Sierra Nevada`s by Yosemite and it works great from the low end grunt in the deep ruts from the jeeps to the long straight always it gets the job done! If you are in the market for a sheave JBS is the Best!!!
McKay Mullen
got my jbs sheave a few months ago, and from hearing everyones praises my expectations where pretty high, but not compared to my frist drive after the install, made my rhino a completely different animal GREAT, and the customer service from james and nikki is second to none, couldn`t bee happier with there service and help , will be hotrod for life, mick
After buying my Rhino and doing some research on the best mod the first thing I purchased for it was a JBS sheave. I even stopped at his house on my way back from vacation to pick it up. If my wife wasn’t with me I would have been there all day. Great guy and probably THE BEST customer service from any co. that I have ever dealt with.
JBS also carries a Hot Rod Sheave for the 450 guys. Wow, what an improvement over stock! This is a must have mod for your bike. Give James and Nikki a call. You will not be disappointed.
I've put a jbs sheave in my rhino 660 along with my dads 2012 700. made huge difference in both. also done two buddies 660s and both were really happy. this is buy far the best upgrade u can do to a rhino. service is great and shipping is fast. great prices to.
“Purchased my Rhino last year and contacted James aka HOTROD about his sheave,,, He was extremely nice and answered all my questions that he had been asked probably a million times….. His video`s walked me thru the install and I had the Whoopie feeling of a new and improved Rhino… I have a great friendship now with James and he is my only Parts Dealer for Yamaha Parts dealing with rhinos and grizzlys…… Thanks for all the help and great service…”
I ordered the JBS sheave from James and it was shipped VERY fast and his prices are extremely fair. The sheave transformed my Rhino. I had contemplated getting a different side by side because of the lack in power before I got my JBS sheave. Now I feel no need to change and the Rhino fits exactly what I need it for.
I purchased a JBS sheave in the fall of 2011, and it currently has over 1000 miles on it, hard miles of mud and water and technical riding and pulling. The increased bottom end power is night and day better over stock, and it took my 2011 Rhino 700 from 40MPH to 50MPH. My buddy saw what the sheave did for my Rhino and promptly bought one for his Rhino. Then another buddy bought a JBS sheave for his Rhino. The product and customer service from JBS are outstanding. There is no better single modification you can do to a Rhino: better low end power and better top end speed. I highly recommend the JBS sheave!
I have never received the personalized and friendly support as I have from JBS. On my first call to him as a new Rhino owner, James didn`t know me from adam but spent nearly an hour on the phone explaining many of the do`s and don`ts with these beasts. I have since ordered several times and always receive above and beyond customer service excellent pricing and fast shipping. I`ll never shop anywhere else.
When I bought my previously modded rhino I had many questions about the machine as it sat and I needed to replace some parts and I wanted to upgrade at the same time I got the awesome hotrod sheave and all the oem parts from somebody that could sell them all to me at the same time and at a reasonable price and take the time to explain as well, instead of just pushing a part number and leaving me to figure it out,I will always call JBS first for all my rhino needs good parts and good people
I live on the west coast and JBS is my one stop shop for everything I need for my Rhino, whether it is the #1 sheave on the market, OEM parts or performance parts they have it all with the best customer service in the UTV market.
The JBS Yamaha Rhino sheave kit is ” Hands Down ” the best modification that can be done on a Rhino. By simply replacing the OEM primary sheave with a JBS sheave, You get much more low end pull and gain 6 to 8 mph gain on the top end. The kit also included a secondary spring, overdrive weights and grease less sheave sliders that allow the CVT to operate at it`s full potential. The sheave also reacts much faster in the transition from “Hard Throttle” to “Engine Braking”. The JBS Sheave kit makes the Yamaha Rhino what it should be ! Extreme fun ! Thank You JBS !
I didn`t know much about sheaves, all I knew was that my newly-acquired Rhino felt like a golf cart. Called James on a Saturday morning after reading about him on the web. He actually took the time to explain to me how his sheave modification worked, and the difference I would feel. You just don`t get personalized service like that any more! Installed it a few days later and WOW! It`s a real stump-puller now, and I don`t need to rev it as high when I just cruise around. He`s a great riding enthusiast to do business with!
Tire churning take offs, and hill tearing power! This is the sheave you want! I have more bottom and midrange power than I ever had.
The sheave is Great!! And I mean Great. The service is better. Second to none.
All bs aside , James (and Nikki) , and the JBS Hot-rod sheave are the bomb !!! Great customer service ; and , QUALITY parts , at an AFFORDABLE price !!!!!
“Bought my Hotrod sheave 2 years ago. I had 2300 miles on my rhino at the time. Now I`m at 6350 miles and not one problem. Wow, what a difference it made. It took a bone stock machine and made it a runner. I still haven`t done any motor mods, don`t feel like I need to. Yeah it`s that good.”
I purchased my JBS sheave after having the #2 sheave on the market and A distant #2 I must say after seeing the difference. Trust me from experience buy the best and let the rest take 2nd will you lead the pack with the best.
as a former owner of another brand of sxs, when I went Rhino (having ridden with James and Nikki) I knew a 37 mph Rhino wasn`t going to get it. Put 8 miles on it out at my hunting land and then took it to Mt Hope and dropped it off. three weeks later (that was as soon as I could get back) the wizard of mt hope had done the sheave, that spring thing he does (I am not mechanically inclined–well not for the last couple of decades) stage one cam and the throttle body reworked. Hump has the same set up on his 2012. wow………….I can run with a rzr or rzr s from 0 to 40. 40 to 59 they are pulling away. I am thrilled with the way it runs and the power. but———————–yes————there is always a but—————–I asked myself, Heads? piston? exhaust? really——why? well WHY F*CKING not.. lol. not saying im going hunting for rzr`s or can am`s but I sure would like ramming my front bumper up their————————–well you know………………lol. plus, the sound of a JBS motor——————-ahhhhhhhhhh sweet. some time after THE RIDE James will do the mods and i`ll make a video of how the rhinojet runs with the new mods. honestly guys, it is really nice only being 4 hours from the wizard. lol.