This PCV  will come mapped for a stock set up. JBS has multiple maps available for your specific mods, please email if  you need a different map.

The Dynatek Fusion EFI is an ignition and fuel injection control module that plugs in-line with the bikes stock ECM

The Dynatek Fusion EFI uses O.E.M. style connecters so no splicing or cutting of the stock harness is required

Significant horsepower can often be made by making timing adjustments as well as being able to correct detonation problems that may occur

You can advance or retard your stock timing curve by +/- 10deg. using the included Control Center software

The Fusion EFI allows for very specific fuel adjustment of the entire range of throttle openings and RPM combinations

Adjustments can also be based on additional inputs such as cylinder head temp or gear position

The rev limiter is raised to 6200 RPM

Compatible with the DynaTune Auto Tuning Kit The Fusion EFI can be used with the optional DynaTune autotune kits for on the fly automatic fuel adjustment